Individual Lessons with the Masters in C-Pop


Learn from the best in the industry!
Limited Exclusive Individual coaching by multi-award winning song writer and producer.

The brainchild(s) behind Singapore’s pop diva Stephanie Sun and many other chart-topping mandopop songs, the Lee Brothers needs not introduction to their craft in tailoring songs to A-list artiste.

Limited Time Slots for 1-1 Coaching in Song Writing

Mr. Lee Wei Song 李伟菘
His effortless style makes use of chord variations, riffs and repetitions to construct intimate conversational pieces, showcasing the singer’s innate vocal character at the same time. 

1-1 Song Writing Coaching at $1440 for 4 lessons*  

Mr. Lee Si Song 李偲菘
His craftsman style of song writing leaves no stones untouched; weave an intricate tapestry of notes by exploring different use of intervals, articulation, phrasing and detailed story telling. 

1-1 Song Writing Coaching at $1440 for 4 lessons* 

Terms and conditions applies.
* One time registration fee of $50 applies for new student.
* This promotional rate will end when the limited class slots are taken.
* Class timings are to be confirmed one week in advance and cancellation will lead to forfeiture of fee.
* Other on-going promotions not applicable to this special class arrangement.
* Only available at LWSSOM main branch at Pico Creative Centre