The LWSSOM Sta’r’us Children Program

We are Born of Stars

With the idea that all children are little stars in the making, Sta’R’us Children Program aims to associate emotions and thoughts to both voice and body expression, through fun musical activities and songs.

Cultivate a
Love for Music


The LWSSOM Sta’R’Us Music Program hopes to cultivate a love for music in the young developing mind, and also the ability to use his/her entire body as an instrument of free expressions.

Broad Objectives

Through a holistic training program, the child will learn to:

  • Control his/her body to move to rhythm and simple instructions
  • Sing and speak with good vocal techniques
  • Identify basic music notation and demonstrate them by singing
  • Express themselves confidently in front of an audience
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T’Tauri Stars
(5-7 Years)

Like a small young star in formation, children at this age is all about absorbing the information around them. T’Tauri Stars classes a designed to be fast, energetic and fun.

Key Objectives

  • Body – Associate different expressions to body and facial languages.
  • Singing – Acquire basic music literacy of pitching, rhythm and musical expressions through vocal warmups and exercises.
  • Performance – Perform a song harmoniously in a group without looking at lyrics cues.

Herbig Stars
(8-10 Years)

Bigger, but nevertheless still growing young stars, Herbig Stars are all about fusion and light. These classes enables the child to gain confidence through working as a team to put up complete sing and dance Class performances.

Key Objectives

  • Body – Maintain a good standing posture at all time and coordinate precise movements to rhythm.
  • Singing – Sing with a well-balanced voice, and to be able to create varying degree of expression in one song.
  • Performance – Execute a performance with choreographed movements and maintaining a confident eye contact with the audience.
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